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  Sunday February 26. 2017  
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Our Mission:  The Maine Sheriffs’ Association is committed to preserve and strengthen the Constitutional Office of the Sheriff, protect all citizens’ rights, promoting professionalism, ethics, leadership, integrity, and all duties statutorily bestowed upon the Sheriff.  

Message from MSA President, Sheriff Wayne Gallant










The Sheriffs of the State of Maine take great pride in being the chief law enforcement officer of each county. We are chosen by the people to carry out our constitutional office and duties in protecting our citizens and their rights. The Sheriffs, through the Maine Sheriffs’ Association, strongly and collaboratively promote professionalism, ethics, leadership and integrity on a daily basis.

As you look through our 2017 Maine Sheriffs Association magazine, you will see the many examples of members of this association working with and in the communities promoting healthy lifestyles, community activity, patriotism, trust, safety and education.

 Whether our members are in corrections, patrol, investigations, civil divisions, support staff or administration they are always concerned and willing to work with our youth in helping them formulate good values in their lives. A perfect example of this is our Associations’ sponsorship and participation annually at Camp POSTCARD in the month of June.

Throughout the year the Maine Sheriffs Association will be working closely with our legislative leaders to assist in crafting laws toward fulfilling our goals in the protection of our citizens and their rights.  We will be working diligently in combating and finding ways to help guide our many addicted family members and neighbors to the road of recovery.

Please keep your eyes on the sixteen sheriff offices and the Maine Sheriffs Association as we strive to get stronger and enhance our ability to share resources and expertise. We will continue to live up to our motto. “One Team… One Mission”.

”  -Sheriff Wayne Gallant, Maine Sheriffs’ Association President 












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